Transit posters

Posters for the transit geek in all of us.

  • Between Stations

    I love creating things based on subway maps. Losing myself in something designed to prevent others from getting lost is a wonderful irony. Most of us are familiar with maps focused on wayfinding and less on geographic accuracy. I wanted to explore the parts that make up geographically accurate maps and create something for others like me who love them.

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  • Colors of the Rails

    Colors collected of official diagrams of metro lines and combined into a single graphic grouped by color family. Box sizes are based on the number of stations served by that line.

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  • Transit Palettes

    These posters showcase the vibrant colors used for each line of subway, metro, and other rapid transit systems from major cities. Lines were extracted from real-world layouts of each system and their colors were unified under a general color palette. Each endpoint on a line, including branches, is marked with a circle. Lines are arranged on each poster to loosely coincide with their position the overall system.

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  • Stations & Lines

    A visual catalog of every station in major rapid transit systems and the lines they serve. Each station is a set of concentric circles representing every line in a system with only those colored that it serves. Circles are sequenced a rainbow-like order using the systems' official colors with reds and oranges as the outer-most circles and purples, pinks, browns, and greys as the inner-most. Organizing stations alphabetically produces random patterns and gives each city its own identity.

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  • Metrodots

    An exploration of the colors used in mass transit systems around the world. Each poster shows every station in a subway or other mass transit system sorted alphabetically and color-coded by the lines they serve with colored dots before each station.

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  • Transit Charts

    Transit geeks or anyone looking to add a little color to their walls will enjoy these posters of major rail systems and their train stations.

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