I am a Chicago-based designer and data artist focusing in web and UX design. From a young age, my fascination with the digital world led to a healthy obsession with data visualization and fractal artwork, which has been published in publications and exhibitions around the world.

Since my start in the digital art and online worlds, simplicity and clarity have played key roles in what I have created. With everything I create, I try to embrace these concepts.

C82 was born from a desire to display the digital art I created and the hope of getting my name out there in the online world. Over time it evolved into a playground for personal experiments and a vehicle for voicing my opinion on art and the web.

Much of the art on this site is sold as high-quality posters on Zazzle—an online community for sharing custom artwork. Zazzle allows me to offer my work in a variety of sizes and materials at good prices. I’ve been a member for many years and can personally attest to the quality of the posters. I’m a picky person and Zazzle has impressed me a great deal.


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