Metra ticket design: April 2008

By Nicholas Rougeux, posted on April 2, 2008 in Travel

April 2008 Metra monthly ticket

Metra April 2008 monthly ticket

Happy April, everyone. A new month means another new Metra ticket design, this time from Jacqueline—fifth grade winner in the Metra Safety Poster contest. While I like the message, "Lead by Example," I'm not too thrilled about how Metra used it.

I suppose it's due to the difference between the sizes of the drawing and the ticket, but they obscured some key letters. Now those who aren't familiar with the safety poster contest are left wondering what "Lead ample" means. I suppose the message could still work by encouraging people to be eamply lead but that's a stretch.

Aside from all that, it's still a great drawing and from a unique perspective considering it's drawn by someone in fifth grade. When I was in fifth grade, I couldn't draw more than stick figures—then again, not much has changed in that department. However, there is something to be said about stick figures.

In the next few days, I may be posting a larger update to the Metra tickets but nothing's confirmed yet. Stay tuned. Until then, the Metra ticket design gallery has been updated with April's design.

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