Polly want a fractal?

By Nicholas Rougeux, posted on May 20, 2008 in Art, Fractals

Partially pixelated Polly

I thought I'd try something different with one of my latest fractals, Old Polly. In addition to trying out a new type of design, I made a movie of how it was made. This was more of an experiment than anything but I thought others might be interested in seeing the process I go through.

I used IrfanView's capture feature to take screenshots every five seconds over the course of about half an hour. You can see how I start out by sifting through coloring algorithm settings until I find something interesting, then tweak the framing, color, and composition until it's finished. I might do more of these if enough people are interested. Enjoy.

Video removed.

Music is Thira by Stephen Duros, licensed under Creative Commons.

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