Ultra Fractal 5 released

By Nicholas Rougeux, posted on June 25, 2008 in Fractals, Software

Ultra Fractal 5 logo Frederik Slijkerman released Ultra Fractal 5 today with a bunch of very welcomed features. I must have been living under a rock lately because I didn't even know it was close to coming out—what a nice surprise!

Ultra Fractal has been my fractal program of choice for years and I've enjoyed watching it evolve thanks to talented programming and great feedback from an incredible community. I remember using version 2.05 on Windows 98 wondering how such a robust program could be so affordable (and still is). Of the many great new features, a few really stand out for me because they improve my productivity so drastically:

Thumbnail browsing

Screenshot of thumbnails in formula browser

No more sifting through formulas one at a time. Browsing for intriguing formulas is a breeze and actually fun now. I've already noticed dozens of formulas that I never saw before and I can't wait to play with them.

Layer groups and multiple layer selection

Screenshot of layer groups With the number of layers I normally work with, I can't tell you how much I've wanted these capabilities. Not only can layers be grouped and several selected at once, but groups can be nested to no limit and parameters can be applied to selected layers all at once. This is infinitely useful and a huge time saver. Plus, it's very intuitive and easy to use.

There are many more features such as easily importing your own images into some formulas and warping them like you would anything else, formula classes for more streamlined coding, better keyboard controls for making fine adjustments, and others.

There's a free fully functional evaluation version available if you want to try the new features before buying too.

Thanks Frederik, for working so hard to improve an already fantastic program.

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