Puzzle box and pieces

1,000 pieces, 28 × 20″

Challenge yourself or someone else to assemble a puzzle of every geometric illustration.

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The perfect fit.

Pieces are cut so they only fit together the correct way with no mismatches. Finding pieces that match is relaxing and satisfying.

Premium materials.

Puzzles are made from strong materials that last for years. Pieces are made with premium ESKA puzzle board which has a signature blue color and is manufactured from recovered paper which minimizes the burden on the environment so puzzles are fun and environmentally friendly.

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Custom box.

The box is designed to be a valuable reference when putting the puzzle together. Measuring 10.75 × 7.75 inches, the details of the image are clearly visible and both base and lid serve as great sturdy sorting trays.

Puzzle box


Need some extra help? Try the following:

  • Sort pieces into groups of edges, title pieces, and borders.
  • After assembling the edges and title, assemble the borders to create smaller work areas.
  • Sort the remaining colorful pieces by Euclid’s books. Each has a general identifiable theme.

Download a high resolution version of the image on the box to use as a zoomable guide on your phone or tablet or download a version to print out on multiple pages.