Prehnite Enlarge
Dec. 1. 1806. Publish’d by Ja.s Sowerby. London.
British Mineralogy
Silex Prehnites


  • Class 2. Earths.
  • Order 1. Homogeneous.
  • Gen. 4. Silex.
  • Spec. Prehnite.
  • Syn.
    • Prehnite. Haüy, 3. 167. Kirw. 1. 274.
    • Shorl en gerbes de Schreiber, Prehnit. Emmerl. 1. 192.
    • Zeolithe verdatre. De Born, 1. 203.
    • Chrysolite du Cap. De Lisle, 2. 275.

This was sent me by my friend G. Laing, Esq., from Hartfield near Paisley. It is a fine specimen showing the green side of the radii, and the crystals in nearly regular four-sided columns, with two opposite truncations at the apex; these truncations, or secondary faces, are the same as those in the former description, tab. 193, on the upper edges, and ought to be particularly remembered, as they assist in forming a very singular modification, which will be shown in [tab. 195.]

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