Peroxide or rather Hydrate of Copper Enlarge
Aug. 1. 1808. Publish’d by Ja.s Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Cuprum hyperoxygenizatum

Peroxide or rather Hydrate of Copper

The specimen here figured was brought from Dalehead-mine, in Cumberland, and is in the possession of W.E. Sheffield, Esq., who, with the utmost generosity, has offered to lend his best specimens for this public use. I have only seen one exactly corresponding with this as to its waxy appearance. In the drops, and general form, they well agree, as they do also in fracture $ so that it might be called a specific distinction. I was favoured with this latter by Mr. Duncan of Penzance, and I have a very neat specimen, somewhat approaching it, from Scotland, for which I am obliged to my kind friend Gilbert Laing, Esq.

This variety is certainly rare, especially in fine specimens, and may be considered as one of the harder varieties of Malachite. The interior of the mamillæ is formed of compact radiated Carbonate of Copper of a darker colour.

At Dalehead-mine is also found the elegant satiny full green radiated Carbonate, so much prized, and chiefly known as of Siberian origin. I have indeed small specimens of it from North Wales ; but hope ere long to figure a satisfactory one from Dalehead.

The gangue of this and the following specimen is a variegated Pyrites or Sulphuret of Copper with Quartz.

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