Arseniate of Copper Enlarge
Feb. 1. 1809. Publish’d by Ja.s Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Cuprum arseniatum

Arseniate of Copper

  • Class 3. Metals.
  • Order 1. Homogeneous.
  • Gen. Copper.
  • Spec. Arseniate of.

At first sight this looks like a very different modification from the last. It is, however, only more perfectly accumulated on the periphery of a wheel, as it were, united in large faces, either upon opposite ends of crystals, like the right hand lower figure, or mackle, and is sometimes formed of a variety composed of many, partly belonging to the left hand bottom figure. The ends become small and rough around the series of tab. 303, but large and smooth around this; whilst, on the contrary, the radii of the latter or column are generally most confused.

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