Oxide of Cobalt Enlarge
Dec 1. 1809 publishd by Js Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Cobaltum oxygenizatum

Oxide of Cobalt

  • Class 3. Metals.
  • Order 1.
  • Gen. 7. Cobalt.
  • Spec. 1. Oxide.
  • Div. 1. Amorphous.
  • Syn.
    • Black Cobalt Ore. Kirw. 2. 275.
    • Native Oxide of Cobalt. Bab. 232.
    • Schwarzer-erdkobolt. Emmerl. 2. 498.
    • Cobalt oxydé noir. Haüy, 4. 214.

On the estate of Sir John Thomas Stanley, Bart., at Alderney Edge hi Cheshire, was found this variety and mixture of Cobalt. The substance being now so very scarce and valuable, the knowledge of this variety is of the more consequence, as it may lead to the finding this Mineral on some unexpected occasions. The bloom of Cobalt having the crimson cast, is apt to betray it, and I hope, for the owner’s sake, this may become more profitable than hitherto, and lead to the acquisition of the more perfect substance. This is so mixed with Sand, Oxide of Copper, Manganese, &c., that it is of but little value as an Ore of Cobalt.

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