Carbono-muriate of Lead Enlarge
Feb 1. 1811. published by Jas Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Plumbum carbono-muriatum

Carbono-muriate of Lead

  • Class 3. Metals.
  • Ord.
  • Gen. Lead.
  • Spec. Carbono-muriate.
  • Syn. A New Variety of Lead Ore. Chenevix in Nicholson’s 4to Journal. 4. 219. Klaproth’s Analyses, vol. 3.

This figure is taken from another crystal in the same collection as the last. It is a short prism, and shows the primitive faces by the parallelism of the conspicuous flaws or fractures. It has also two additional faces on the columnar edges, at 153° 30′ with the primitive.

One of the specimens in the same collection has very thin tabular crystals similarly modified, set edgewise, and forming a group about three quarters of an inch in diameter.

The geometrical figure shows them with a more lengthened column, forming sixteen columnar faces, besides the eight faces which belong to the octaëdron of the whole, with the two ends being regular, and forming a polyedron of 26 faces: there are two or the truncated cubical crystals accompanying this.

Analysis by Chenevix By Klaproth
Muriatic Acid 8 8.50
Carbonic Acid 6 with a little water 6.   
Oxide of Lead 85 85.50
99 100.00

Spec. Grav. 60.651.

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