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Sep 1 1813 published by Jas Sowerby London.
Exotic Mineralogy
Niccolum nativum

Native Nickel

  • Syn.
    • Nickel Natif. Haüy, Tableau 84. Lucas, Tabl. 2. 327. Bournon, 389.
    • Gediegen Nickel. Klaproth.

Several varieties of capillary Pyrites have been spoken of by Mineralogists, along with which the Mineral now under consideration had been confounded, until Klaproth proved it to be Nickel alloyed with a small portion only of Cobalt and Arsenic; since then it has been considered as Native Nickel; it is in extremely fine capillary crystals laying across hollows in a dark red Jasper, the hollows are lined with crystals of Quartz*. Its colour and pliability distinguish it from Pyrites, which is yellower and britde. It is infusible by the blow-pipe. It is found at Annabdrg, Schneeberg, and Johann-Georgen-stadt in Saxony, in veins in the primitive mountains, and in the Transition mountains of Andreasberg. Our specimen is, I believe, from Johann-Georgcn-sladt in Saxony. It is a rare Mineral.

  • * In our specimen the Nickel is accompanied by Pyrites in dodecaëdrons with pentagonal faces.
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