Wernerite, Scapolite Enlarge
Nov. 1 1813 published by Js Sowerby London.
Exotic Mineralogy
Silex Werneri

Wernerite, Scapolite

  • Syn.
    • Wernérite. Haüy, Traité 2. 121. Tabl. 45. Bourn. Catal. 98.
    • Arktizit. Werner.
    • Wernerit. Karsten.
    • Paranthine. Haüy, Tabl. 45.
    • Scapolith. Werner & Karsten.
    • Rapidolith. Abildgaard.
    • Wernerite or Arctizite. Jameson 2. 548.
    • Mircarelle. Abildgaard, Traité 4. 483.

This substance, named in honour of the celebrated Werner, whose great abilities and practice in the distinction of formations or geological data by the Neptunian System, have rendered him justly esteemed by all Mineralogists, is another new discovery in Mineralogy since my endeavour to elucidate the subject. It was first described and named Wernerite by Dandrada. My figure is taken from a specimen brought from near Arendal in Norway; it has also been found in other arctic countries, wherefore Werner called it Arctizite. I have not seen authentic specimens of Scapolite, but from what I can collect, the opinion of Weimar, which has been followed by several Mineralogists, that Wernerite and Scapolite ought to be united as varieties of the same species, will prove correct. The Scapolite, when in crystals, exhibits the same laminated structure more distinctly. Wernerite is fusible with intumescence before the blow-pipe, and phosphorescent when heated in powder; two characters which distinguish it from most other minerals that have a similarly formed crystal. The primitive form is a rectangular prism, whose lateral faces may all be obtained with equal facility, and are equally more shining than the cross fracture, which is rather splintery; the external surface is shining, rather irregular, and rounded at the edges: its common crystal is an eight-sided prism, with an obtuse four-sided pyramid. It is accompanied by Quartz, Hornblende, Carbonate of Lime, Mica, &c.

Analysis of the green crystallized Wernerite by John.
Silex 40   
Alumine 34   
Lime 16   
Oxyde of Iron 8   
Oxyde of Manganese 1.5
Of the white amorphous variety.
Silex 51    
Alumine 33    
Lime 10.45
Oxyde of Iron 3.50
Oxyde of Manganese 1.45
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