Gehlenite Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Calx Gehleni


  • Syn. Gehlenite.
    • Prof. Fuchs in Schweigger’s Journal, xv. 377.
    • Thomson’s Annals, ix. 71.

This new mineral is so different in its characters from any other, and they are so easily represented in the figure, that there can be no difficulty in recognizing it. Its crystals appear to be primitive: they are short rectangular prisms, which may be fractured in directions parallel to their sides; indications of laminæ may also be discovered parallel to their base: the edges of the crystals are rounded, and their surface uneven, as if they had been subjected to the action of some solvent: the internal lustre is dull waxy, and the cross fracture uneven: it is hard enough to scratch glass. Spec. Grav. 2.98.

Mr. Heüland received the specimen here figured from Salzburgh, and through his liberality I am enabled to make it public. It is accompanied by Carbonate of Lime, with strong diagonal striae, such as belongs to the Trap rocks.

Analysis by Prof. Fuchs.
Lime 35.30
Silex 29.64
Alumine 24.80
Oxyde of Iron 6.56
Water 3.30
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