Oxide of Zinc Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Zincum oxygenizatum

Oxide of Zinc

  • Syn. Zinc oxydé. Bournon’s Catal. 367. Dr. Bruce’s American Min. Journal, 96.

First discovered in the Iron mines of Sussex, New Jersey, by Dr. Bruce: it accompanies grains and crystals of Magnetic Oxyde of Iron, imbedded in a greyish foliated Limestone, and is found in considerable abundance.

It may be distinguished by the following characters: its specific gravity is 6.220; it is readily scratched with a knife, affording a dull yellowish orange powder; it gives a colourless solution with muriatic acid, and is in fusible alone before the Blowpipe; its colour is attributable to the Iron and Manganese it contains: Analyzed by Dr. Bruce it gave—

Zinc 76
Oxygen 16
Oxides of Manganese and Iron 8

The specimen figured is in the British Museum.

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