Sulphuret of Manganese Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Manganesium sulphureum

Sulphuret of Manganese

  • Syn.
    • Manganglanz. Karsten.
    • Manganèse sulfuré. Haüy, Tabl. 111.
    • Sulphuret of Manganese. Aikin, 132.

This ore of Manganese is found in largish grains among Blende and Copper Pyrites in the rose-coloured Carbonate of Manganese of Nagyag, that serves as a matrix for the ores of Tellurium and Gold. It may be distinguished from other grey metallic minerals by its powder, which is greener than the mass, and by its behaviour under the blow-pipe, giving out Sulphur, then becoming rustyblack without melting; it tinges nitrous borax purple; its specific gravity is 3.950: it is said by Haüy to be divisible into a rhomboidal prism, which may be subdivided in the direction of the diagonals of its transverse section. Klaproth and Vauquelin have both analyzed this ore, and both mention Oxide of Manganese as a constituent part of it; but it appears inconsistent with the present ideas of the combination of Sulphur with metals, that there should be oxygen present in a sulphuret, and the metallic lustre of the fresh fracture speaks also against the probability of its being an oxyde.

Analysis by Klaproth, by Vauquelin.
Oxide of Manganese 82.0 85
Sulphur 11.5 15
Carbonic acid 5.0
98.5 90.0
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