Arseniate of Nickel Enlarge
Exotic Mineralogy
Nickolum arseniatum

Arseniate of Nickel

  • Syn.
    • Nickelocker. Werner.
    • Nickel ochre. Kirwan II. 283. Aikin 131.
    • Nickel oxydé. Haüy Traité III. 516. Tabl. 84.

Oxide of Nickel, as this mineral has generally been termed, has been known a long time encrusting in a pulverulent form, or compact in veins, among Arsenical Nickel, and seems to be formed by the oxygenization of that ore, in which case it is hardly probable that it can be either a pure hydro-oxide, or a mixture of the oxides of Nickel and Arsenic, but must be a real Arseniate, as some have supposed; its insolubility in cold nitric acid tends to confirm this idea. The specimen figured is from Siberia: Scotland is said to produce it, but I have not met with specimens.

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