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Exotic Mineralogy
Antimonium nativum

Native Antimony

  • Syn.
    • Native Antimony. Kirwan, 2, 245. Aikin, 56.
    • Gediegen Spiesglas. Emm. b. 2, s. 464.
    • Anitmoine natif. Haüy, 4, 252. Tabl. 112.

Native Antimony is possessed of all the characters of the pure metal obtained by art. It is of a laminated structure; the laminae crossing each other in ten different directions, four of them parallel to the faces of a regular octohedron, and six to the faces of a rhomboidal dodecahedron, form a very complicated arrangement. Its volatility, inflammability, and peculiar scent, are the striking features of its globule in the state of fusion. It is a rare mineral: it was first found by Swab, at Sahlberg in Sweden: it has been also found in the Hartz; the most magnificent specimens, however, have been brought from Allemout, in Dauphiny; they are large cellular masses, with compact white oxide of Antimony tilling the hollows.* The matrix is Quartz. A variety occurs at the same place, composed of minute foliated grains united into a largely laminated mass; it contains a variable portion of Arsenic; it is excessively brilliant.

For the figures given of these two varieties I am indebted to Mr. H. Heüland.

Klaproth’s analysis of Antimony from the Hartz gave,

Antimony 98.00
Silver 1.00
Iron 0.25
  • * When fresh broken they are so brilliant that it is impossible to give any idea of the lustre in a figure.
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