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Exotic Mineralogy
Tellurium auro-plumbiferum

Yellow Tellurium

  • Syn.
    • Or Gris jauntâtre. De Born. 2, 464.
    • Tellure natif aurifère et plombifère. Haüy 4, 327. Tabl. 119.
    • Tellure gris. Bournon Catal. 449.
    • Yellow Tellurium. Aikin 140.
    • Gelberz. Karsten.

Yellow Tellurium is found in the same vein in Porphyry as the foliated Tellurium, tab. 127; it is distinguished from it by its colour, brittleness, and acicular or prismatic form; the form, however, sometimes approaches to tabular, and it has been found, but rarely, in octohedrons, with their angles more or less deeply truncated. Most authors agree in making- the different ores of Tellurium, varieties of native Tellurium, and Bournon has found the primitive form of each to be the same.

The specimen before us contains, besides the yellowish grey needles of yellow Tellurium, a mixture of foliated Tellurium, with Sulphuret of Manganese, among Quartz and rose-coloured Carbonate of Manganese, upon a part of the clay-stone Porphyry rock which the vein traversed.

The following is the analysis of this ore by Klaproth:

Tellurium 44.75
Gold 26.75
Lead 19.50
Silver 8.50
Sulphur 0.50

I am indebted to Mr. Heüland for the use of this specimen.

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