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Created as an entry and accepted as an official design of The popular CSS Zen Garden, Zenfandel was a successful experiment in both design and CSS. The design consisted of a single page as is the theme at the Zen Garden. Participants of the Garden are given a static HTML file and told to create and code a design of any kind for it using only CSS. The HTML file cannot be modified. This demonstrates the power of CSS for controlling the presentation of a Web site. Each page of the Zen Garden displays a different design while the content stays the same.

Zenfandel has a wine/vinyard theme and the name is a play on the name of one of the popular wines, Zinfandel, but with a Zen feel. The photos were obtained from Stock Exchange and manipulated to help further the theme—complete with custom labels on the corks and bottles at the bottom of the page.


Published April 16, 2005

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