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Mengermania tracks my progress of building a Menger Sponge—a large origami project spanning several years and comprising over a million pieces. A Menger sponge is a three-dimensional fractal named for its creator, Karl Menger. It is created by dividing a cube into 27 smaller cubes and removing six to create what looks like "tunnels" in each direction (like a Rubik's Cube missing all the center cubes). This creates a "level one" sponge. When the process is repeated with the remaining cubes again and again, the fractal nature of the concept appears. When repeated an infinite number of times, a sponge has an infinite amount of surface area and no volume.

In its third version, Mengermania combines my love for origami, fractals, art, and Web design into a personal site dedicated my hobby of building a very large sponge. In addition to tracking the progress, other fun features have been added such as a blog, photo gallery, and instructions on making sponges for others that may be interested in Menger Sponges.

Focus: Design, Development, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL


Published September 20, 2007

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