Agyrtria fluviatilis

Riverine Emerald

The present species is placed, according to the arrangement set forth by Mr. Elliot, in oye section of the genus in which the crown of the head is dull green, and the under beicoyais white with a central streak of brown or green.

It differs from all its near allies in having a black tail, and the throat and breast grass-green with a slight bluish tinge.

The original specimens are in the Gould Collection, and WE received from the Rio Napo. It was afterwards met with by Mr. Edward Bartlett on the Lower easels at UID ang Mr. Hauxwell has sent specimens from Pebas. Mr. Stolzmann has likewise met with the species at Yurimaguas.

The figures in the Plate have been drawn from a male bird procured in the latter locality, and lent to us by Messrs. Salvin and Godman.

[R. B. S.]


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