Agyrtria neglecta

Bar-tailed Emerald

Illustration not included in supplement volume

Very little is known of this Humming-bird, which is represented by two types in the Paris Museum, procured by D’Orbigny at Yungas and Moxosin Bolivia.

Mr. Elliot states that the types are in bad condition, but he believes that when perfect specimens are procured the species will be found to be the most beautiful of the whole genus. He further remarks that the species cannot be confounded with any of its allies; it belongs to the section with the throat and upper part of the breast blue, but has the “tail greenish bronze with a subterminal blackish bar.

The following descriptions are given by Mr. Elliot (l. c.):—

Male. Top of head, nape, and mantle metallic green; throat and upper part of breast brilliant metallic blue, the white base of the feathers showing amid the blue. Back, rump, and upper tail-coverts light greenish bronze. Wings purplish. Flanks and lower part of breast shining green. Abdomen whitish. Under tailcoverts pale brown, margined with white. ‘Tail pale greenish bronze, with a subterminal black bar on the lateral feathers. Maxilla black, the mandible flesh-colour. Feet black. Total length 3\(\frac{1}{4}\) inches, wing 2, tail 1\(\frac{1}{2}\), bill \(\frac{3}{4}\).

Female. Upper parts, sides of throat, and flanks shining green. Centre of throat and underparts whitish, spotted with light metallic green. Tail as in the male, the tips of the lateral feathers mieishis under tailcoverts white. Wings purple. Bill as in the male. Feet black. Total length 3\(\frac{3}{4}\) inches, wing 2, tail 1\(\frac{1}{4}\), bill \(\frac{3}{4}\).

[R. B. S.]


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