Agyrtria nigricauda

Black-tailed Emerald

Illustration not included in supplement volume

Mr. Elliot, who originally placed this species in the genus Thaumatias, has, in his larger work, referred it to Agyrtria.

It differs from all the foregoing members of the genus in having the under tail-coverts pure white. The tail is steel-black, with a tinge of green on the centre tail-feathers under certain lights.

The home of this species, according to Mr. Elliot, is Guiana, Trinidad, and North-eastern Brazil.

The following is the description given by the above-named gentleman:—

Upper parts bronzy green, darkest on the head, and shading into purple on the upper tail-coverts. Throat and breast shining metallic grass-green. Flanks dark green, with scarcely any lustre. Middle of abdomen, vent, and under tail-coverts pure white. Tail steel-black, the two outermost. feathers greenish grey at their tips, the next merely edged with white at the tip. Maxilla brownish black; mandible flesh-colour, the tip black. Feet black. Total length 3\(\frac{1}{2}\) inches, wing 2\(\frac{1}{8}\), tail 1\(\frac{1}{2}\), bill along culmen \(\frac{5}{8}\).

[R. B. S.]


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  • Agyrtria nigricauda, Elliot, Synopsis of the Humming-Birds, p. 208 (1878).
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