Bourcieria Conradi

Conrad’s Inca

Pamplona in New Granada

It is after the son of the late George Loddiges that this splendid and very rare species has been named,—a just and graceful tribute to the descendant of one, who it may be truly said loved this group of birds; and I am sure that Mr. Conrad Loddiges duly estimates the compliment paid him by M. Bourcier in giving his name to so charming a bird.

In point of affinity, this species is intimately allied both to the Bourcieria torquata and B. fulgidigula, but differs from both not only in the lighter hue of the green colour pervading the upper and under surface, but in the total absence of blue on the crown, that part being resplendent green in B. Conradi. The native country of this fine bird is stated by M. Bourcier to be the “environs of Caraccas;” but my specimens were, I believe, procured by M. Linden near Pamplona, in New Granada. Like the other typical species of the genus, the sexes differ considerably in the colouring of their plumage; the female having the throat white, and being destitute of the glittering green on the crown. Judging from the appearance of the dried skins, it would seem that the legs in the living state are yellow.

The male has the head shining green, the remainder of the upper surface, wing-coverts, throat, sides of the neck, abdomen and flanks green, with golden reflexions; across the chest a broad mark of white; wings purplish brown; two central tail-feathers bronzy green, the remainder white, largely tipped with bronzy green; vent grey; under tail-coverts green; thighs white; beak black; feet apparently yellow.

The female is similar, but is less brilliant, and has the throat as well as the breast white or buffy white.

The figures are of the natural size.


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