Eucephala scapulata

Black-bellied Sapphire

Illustration not included in supplement volume

The type of the present species still remains in my collection, and is apparently the only one yet known It belongs to the green-headed section of the genus Eucephala, has the throat and chest blue, and is further distinguished by having the under tail-coverts brown with blue centres, and the abdomen brownish black.

The locality of Eucephala scapulata is supposed to be Cayenne; but I have no certain information on this point.

The following is a copy of my original description:—

Crown of the head, back of the neck, and lower part of the back very deep dull green; throat and chest glittering greenish blue, imperceptibly passing into the dull brownish black of the abdomen; under tail-coverts brown, with a wash of dull blue in the centre of each feather, a mark of blue on each side at the insertion of the wing, forming an indistinct band across the back; upper tail-coverts bronzy green; tail steely black, rather short for the size of the bird, and slightly forked; wings deep purplish brown; tarsi clothed with intermingled greyish-white and brown feathers; upper mandible black; basal half of the under mandible fleshy, the apical half black.

Total length 3\(\frac{3}{4}\) inches, bill \(\frac{7}{8}\), wing 2\(\frac{1}{16}\), tail 1\(\frac{3}{8}\).


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