Iache magica

Mazatlan Humming-bird

Illustration not included in supplement volume

This species, which we have never ourselves seen, comes from Mazatlan in Lower California, and is described by Mr. Elliot as being closely allied to I. latirostris, but differing from that species in the colour of the throat, which is said to be “metallic bluish green” instead of being “sapphire-blue.”

The following description is given by Mr. Elliot from the typical specimen, which is in his collection:—

Adult male. Upper parts reddish bronze. Throat and upper parts of breast metallic bluish green; under parts bronzy green with a coppery lustre. Under tail-coverts white; wings pale brown. Tail brownish black, lateral feathers slightly tipped with grey. Baill red, tip black. Total length 3\(\frac{1}{4}\) inches, wing 1\(\frac{7}{8}\), tail 1\(\frac{1}{8}\), culmen 1\(\frac{3}{4}\).

[R. B. S.]


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