Klais Guimeti

Guimet’s Flutterer

Venezuela and the Andes of New Granada.

This highly curious and interesting little Humming-bird stands quite alone among the numerous species of the great family of the Trochilidæ, presenting, as it does, so many peculiar characters, that it is not easy to say to which of the genera it is most nearly allied: perhaps that of Myiabeillia is the one to which it presents the greatest affinity.

Its native country is the Caraccas, whence numerous specimens were brought by the late Mr. David Dyson. I believe its habitat to be somewhat limited, and that it is probably confined to the secondary hills which stretch away to the eastward of the great Columbian ranges. Besides the Caraccas, Dr. Reichenbach states that the countries of Columbia, Venezuela, and V eragua are visited by it; and such is probably the case, as it certainly occurs, although but sparingly, in collections from Bogota.

MM. Bourcier and Mulsant have dedicated this species to M. Guimet, a chemist of Lyons, the inventor of a peculiar blue which bears his name.

The sexes are very dissimilar, the female being dressed in a dingy garb as compared with that of the male. The accompanying drawing and the following descriptions will fully illustrate the sexes and the differences of their colouring.

The male has the head, face and throat very deep rich blue; all the upper surface, wing- and tail-coverts green; wings purplish-brown; under surface dull bronzy-green; two centre tail-feathers bronzy-green, the remainder bronzy-green at the base, then dull black, and slightly tipped with grey; behind the eye a small mark of pure white; bill black; feet dark brown.

The female has the crown of the head slightly tinged with bluish-green; upper surface golden-green; wings purplish-brown; tail as in the male, but the lateral feathers more largely tipped with grey; all the under surface grey, glossed on the sides of the neck and flanks with bronze.

The Plate represents the sexes of the natural size.


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