Oxypogon stuebeli

Stübel’s Helmet-crest

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This species has been described by Dr. A. B. Meyer, who has kindly sent us a translation of his original article:—

A female specimen obtained at the ‘Mina de Azufre,’ on the volcano of Tolima, in Northern Colombia, at a height of 4000 metres. The type is in bad condition, nevertheless it can be certified that it belongs to an unknown species. Of the genus Oxypogon, O. lindeni (Parz.) is known from Venezuela, and O. guerini (Boiss.) from Colombia; but in both these species the tail is quite differently marked and coloured.

Upper surface, as far as it can be recognized, bronzy brown; neck, sides of neck, entire under surface, and under tail-coverts brownish cream-colour; wings, especially towards their distal end, with a vivid purple tinge; the two middle tail-feathers, as well as the upper tail-coverts, bronzy green, the latter rather darker; the three next tail-feathers more or less coppery red, each one with a broad cream-coloured shaftstripe, which does not reach to the distal end, the latter being lighter. The outermost tail-feather creamcoloured, except a coppery patch along the inner web, leaving a terminal spot free. This marking of the tail is the best specific character. No doubt the male will also differ essentially from the males of the other known species.

Bill black, very slender and hardly larger than that of Rhamphomicron microrhynchus (Boiss.), which is possess the smallest bill of all Humming-birds. It is 0·3 inch long; wing 2·15, the middle tailfeathers 1·65, the penultimate and longest feather 1·9.

I have named this species in honour of Dr. Alphons Stübel, of Dresden, the first collector in this part of the globe.

[R. B. S.]


  • Oxypogon stubelii, Meyer, in Madardsz, Zeitschr. ges. Orn. i. p. 204 (1884).

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