Phaëthornis anthophilus

Pallid Hermit

New Granada

This somewhat rare species of Phaëthornis, described for the first time by M. Bourcier under the above name, is a native of Columbia, a fact which has been ascertained by my having received several specimens direct from Bogota: I mention this particularly, because, at the time M. Bourcier characterized the species, he appears not to have been aware of its true habitat.

In size this species is intermediate between Phaëthornis Eurynome and P. Bourcieri. The form of its outspread tail is somewhat peculiar; the feathers not being regularly graduated like those of P. Pretrei and P. Augusti, but forming a complete semicircle with the two lengthened middle feathers projecting from the centre.

The sexes are alike in colour.

Crown of the head dark greyish brown; upper surface green slightly tinged with bronze; wings purplish brown; tail pale green clouded with black near the extremity, and fringed with an arrow-head-shaped mark of greyish white at the tip, the prolonged extremity of the two centre feathers being entirely greyish white; above and behind the eye a streak of light buff; ear-coverts brownish black; throat and under surface pale greyish white, tinged with buff on the flanks; lower part of the abdomen and under tail-coverts, centre of the chin and throat obscurely streaked with brownish black; upper mandible black; under mandible yellow except at the tip, which is black.

The figures are of the natural size.


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