Rhamphomicron olivaceum

Olivaceous Thornbill

This species first occurred in a collection of birds from Bolivia, received by the Smithsonian Institution, and submitted to Mr. G. N. Lawrence, who forthwith described it.

It has not since been met with in that country, as far as we know; and it certainly was not obtained by Mr. Buckley. Several specimens, however, were procured by Mr. Jelski in Western Peru, at Junin and Maraynioc.

I regret that nothing else has been published concerning this interesting species, which is easily recognizable by its olivaceous-brown coloration.

I append the description originally given by Mr. Lawrence:—

Male. Entire upper plumage, including the tail, dull bronzy olive-green; wings light bronzy purplish brown; the gorget, of brilliant scale-like feathers, is emerald-green on the chin, ending in more elongated feathers of fiery crimson, which terminate with violet purple; under plumage dull brownish olive; vent light fulvous grey; under tail-coverts dull bronzy olive-green, each feather margined narrowly with greyish fulvous; bill and feet black. Length 5\(\frac{1}{4}\) inches; wing 3\(\frac{3}{4}\); tail 2\(\frac{7}{8}\); bill \(\frac{9}{16}\).

The figures in the Plate were drawn from the type specimen, lent to me by Mr. Lawrence.


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