Sapphironia luminosa

Lawrence’s Sapphironia

Illustration not included in supplement volume

Although agreeing with Mr. Elliot as to the generic title, Cyanophaia, which he employs for this species, we have retained that of Sapphironia for it, as this generic name has been employed in the body of the work.

The habitat is given as Colombia; but we have not seen a specimen of the bird, nor apparently has Mr. Elliot, who reproduces Mr. Lawrence’s description, as given below. The species differs from C. cæruleigularis and C. goudoti in having the underparts deep bluish green, aud the under tail-coverts dark green edged with grey” (cf. Elliot, l. c. p. 238).

Upper plumage glittering grass-green, inclining to golden on the rump, the crown not so bright and of a very deep green; entire under surface of a very brilliant bluish green, the sides of the neck golden orange; tail forked and of a rich steel-blue, the two middle feathers green like the rump, the next feather bronzed on the outer web at the end; wings dull purple; under tail-coverts deep green, very narrowly edged with bluish white; thighs clothed with greyish-white feathers; upper mandible black, the under one yellowish, with the end black; feet and claws black. Length 3\(\frac{3}{4}\) inches, wing 1\(\frac{7}{8}\), bill \(\frac{11}{16}\), tail \(\frac{1}{4}\). (Lawrence.)

[R. B. S.]


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