Schistes Albogularis

White-throated Wedge-Bill

The western side of Pichincha, in Ecuador, at an elevation of 6000 feet

For the two specimens of this bird in my own collection, and which are the only examples I have seen, I am indebted to Professor Jameson of Quito, who collected them on the western side of Pichincha, at an elevation of 6000 feet above the level of the sea.

In its form it is precisely similar to the preceding species, the Schistes Geoffroyi, at the same time it exhibits several well-marked specific differences: thus it is of a much smaller size; has a longer bill; the entire upper surface of a nearly uniform grass-green, instead of bronzy green; an indication of a distinct bar of metallic green across the forehead; the throat and lower part of the neck pure white, instead of luminous green; and the lilac-blue ear-tufts so small as to be almost obsolete.

The two specimens I have are precisely alike, and in all probability no sexual difference will be found to exist in the colour and marking of the plumage.

Across the forehead an obscure band of luminous green; crown of the head, upper surface and abdomen grass-green; wings purplish brown; tail green, crossed near the tip by a chalybeate band; four lateral feathers narrowly fringed with white at the tip, and the middle tail-feathers washed with bronze; throat, chest, a small patch behind each eye, and a small tuft behind the insertion of the thigh white; ear-coverts brown; a small tuft of lilac-blue feathers on each side the neck; bill and feet brown.

The figures are the size of life.


  • Schistes albogularis, Gould in Jard. Cont. to Orn., 1851, p. 140.

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