Uranomitra viridifrons

Green-fronted Azure-crown

In his arrangement of the genus Uranomitra, Mr. Elliot places this species in his first section of the genus along with U. quadricolor and U. violiceps, all three species having the underparts white.

The first-named has the tail olive-green, the second has it bronzy red, whereas in U. viridifrons the tail is described as metallic golden with the tip bronzy red; and the species further differs in the green colour of the head.

The type specimen is in Mr. Elliot’s collection and came from Putla in Mexico. He describes it as follows:—

Forehead dark green, metallic in some lights, centre of crown dark grey; upper part of body brilliant light green; lower part of back bronzy brown; wings purple; upper tail-coverts and tail rich coppery bronze; flanks grass-green; entire underparts pure white; bill reddish, black at tips. Total length 3\(\frac{3}{4}\) inches, wing 2\(\frac{1}{8}\), tail 1\(\frac{3}{8}\), culmen \(\frac{5}{8}\).

The Plate represents the male in two positions, and was drawn from the type specimen, which Mr. Elliot kindly lent us when he was in England.

[R. B. S.]


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