Genus Acestrura Gould

It has always appeared to me that the well-known Calothorax Mulsanti and C. Heliodori might very properly be separated into a distinct genus; and this I have accordingly done. With these must be associated the species to which I have given the name of C. decoratus, and, I think, the singular little C. micrurus. They are all from the Andes, and are among the most diminutive of the Trochilidæ. Their structure would lead one to suspect that their wings are capable of very rapid motion, that organ being so small that it must be moved with increased rapidity to enable the bird to sustain itself when poising before a flower.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill longer than the head, cylindrical, and very slightly arched; two centre tail-feathers extremely small, the two outer ones filamentous and shorter than the third; wings diminutive; tarsi clothed; feet small; gorget luminous.


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