Genus Augastes Gould

The members of the next genus, Augastes, have perhaps no direct alliance with the preceding; but as they are characterized by masked faces, and have buffy marks on the sides of the chest, they are as well placed here as elsewhere.

Both the A. scutatus and A. Lumachellus are very beautiful species, and have had the trivial name of Vizorbearers applied to them, from the very peculiar manner in which their entire faces are covered with shining metallic feathers, giving the birds the appearance of being masked; the under-surface of their tails is also luminous, in which respect they present a similarity to the Metalluræ.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill straight, longer than the head, and inclining to a wedge-shape at the tip; head round, the feathers not advancing upon the bill; wings rather long; tail moderately long and square, the feathers broad; tarsi clothed; feet small; hind toe very diminutive; face and tail luminous.

Female.—Destitute of luminous colouring.

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