Genus Chlorolampis Cab.

The members of the genus Chlorolampis, as restricted by me, are distinguished for their deeply forked tails, most of the feathers of which are singularly tipped with dull grey. They range over a great part of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Veragua, and Panama, where they apparently terminate, as I have never received examples from any part southward of the isthmus. The finest species of the genus is the C. auriceps, a bird of very elegant form, and having a deeply forked tail; most nearly allied to this is the C. Caniveti: both these birds are from Mexico. Following these is the little bird I have named C. Osberti, after Mr. Osbert Salvin; a fourth, from Costa Rica, has been described by Dr. Cabanis as C. Salvini, after the same gentleman. Very considerable difference occurs in the sexes, but more in colour than in form; for the females have the tail forked like that of the males, but to a much less extent.

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