Genus Clytolæma Gould

The form which appears to me to range next in point of affinity is that of Clytolæma. The two members of this genus, unlike their predecessors, which are from the Andes, are natives of the low countries,—one, the C. rubinea, being found in Brazil, and, so far as we yet know, confined to the most eastern parts of that country; the other, the beautiful C. aurescens, is an inhabitant of the forests of the upper part of the Rivers Madeira and Negro.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill straight and rather longer than the head; wings moderately long and pointed; tail rather short, and very slightly forked; tarsi partially clothed; feet strong; hind toe and nail shorter than the fore toes and nails; crown and gorget luminous.

Female.—Destitute of any fine colour.

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