Genus Glaucis Boié

This genus comprises, as far as at present ascertained, six well-determined species, three of which are very nearly allied. It will be seen, on reference to my account of G. hirsuta, that when it was written I was much perplexed with regard to its synonymy, or, rather, as to whether the small red-coloured bird, G. Mazeppa, was or was not identical with it; and although some years have since elapsed, I have not even now been able to arrive at a satisfactory solution of the difficulty. Under these circumstances, I think it will be best to regard the G. Mazeppa as distinct; and this view of the subject is supported by the fact that I do not find small red-coloured birds accompanying the allied species, G. affinis, Lawr., which is a native of Bogota. I think it likely that all these birds, when fully adult, have the tail shorter and more rounded than during the period of immaturity or at the end of the first year of their existence. The youthful state, then, is indicated by a more cuneate form of tail, all the feathers of which are pointed and tipped with white; and as the birds advance in age, at each moult the tail-feathers become more rounded and the white tipping less, until at length it is reduced to a mere fringe, existing in some instances on the middle feathers alone.

The distribution of the species of the genus Glaucis extends over the whole of the eastern parts of Brazil, the Guianas, Trinidad, Tobago, Venezuela, the banks of the Amazon, New Granada, and Veragua.

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