Genus Lampropygia Reichenb.

The members of this genus (all figured in the work under the generic appellation of Cœligena) bear a general resemblance to the last as regards their size and the lengthened and straight form of their bills; but their style of colouring is very different, and, however much some naturalists may dissent from the idea of colour being regarded as a generic character, I do think that it is of no little importance in this group of birds; for I find that every distinct section or genus is distinguished by some peculiar style of plumage and colouring common to all the species of which it is composed, and not found in the others. Thus the members of the present genus all bear a plumage of a rather dull or sombre character with the exception of the lower part of the back, where it is luminous; but, as is the case with the Aglæactines, this luminous colouring is only to be seen-when viewed from behind. All the known species are found among the Andes, both on the northern and southern sides of the equator.

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