Genus Orthorhynchus Cuv.

In proceeding next to the genus Orthorhynchus, composed of birds ornamented with glittering green and blue crests, I do not insist that they have any direct affinity with the last, nor are they intimately allied to the members of the succeeding one: a more isolated form, in fact, is not to be found among the Trochilidæ. Only two species have been recorded by previous writers; but specimens of a third are contained both in the Loddigesian and my own collections: I allude to the bird here described under the name of Orthorhynchus ornatus.

All the members of the genus Orthorhyncnus are confined to the West India Islands; but our present knowledge of them does not admit of my stating positively the extent of the range of each species; this is a point which requires further investigation. The females differ from the males in being destitute of the glittering crown.

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