Genus Panoplites

The three species constituting my genus Panophites very closely resemble each other in size, in structure, and in the markings of their tails, but are very dissimilar in the colouring of their bodies. They are all inhabitants of the Ecuadorian Andes, and one of them (P. flavescens) extends its range as far north as Bogota. The most remarkable species of this form is the P. Jardinei, whose glittering upper surface is wonderfully brilliant.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill strong, and a trifle longer than the head; body stout and thick-set; wings long and pointed; tail moderately long and square, the feathers broad; tarsi clothed and stout; hind toe strong, and of the same length as the middle one; nails short.

Female.—Very similar to the male in plumage.

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