Genus Patagona G. R. Gray

I have before stated that it would be impossible to arrange the Humming-Birds on the score of affinity; and I repeat that the various genera are so widely different, and so many connecting forms are wanting, that it is quite out of the question to attempt their arrangement on this ground. It is of little importance, then, where we place the bird known under the name of Patagona gigas and distinguished from all others by its great size, its ample wings, its sombre colouring, and by the similarity in the plumage of the two sexes. At present the single species which has been characterized, and which ranges from Ecuador to the southern parts of Chili, where it it a migrant, is all that is known of this form; but I observe that the Chilian and Ecuadorian specimens differ considerably in size, the latter being the largest.

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