Genus Smaragdochrysis Gould

I shall close this account of the little green Humming-Birds with a description of the extraordinary species sent to me by Mr. Reeves of Rio de Janeiro, and which I have described, in the ‘Proceedings of the Zoological Society,’ as Calliphlox? iridescens. Its iridescent green colouring would indicate that it belongs to this section; while its comparatively small wings and short tail ally it to Calliphlox; but as it is not strictly referable to either genus, I propose for it a separate distinctive appellation, and provisionally place here the genus Smaragdochrysis.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill longer than the head, straight and slender; wings small, primaries narrow and rigid; tail of moderate size and deeply forked; tarsi clothed; feet small; hind toe and nail nearly as long as the middle toe and nail.

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