Genus Urosticte Gould

I must now ask those who take an interest in the various forms of this family of birds, to turn to my plate of Urosticte Benjamini, and examine the little bird figured thereon with a beautiful gorget of green and purple. This species is rendered very singular by the two tufts of white feathers which spring from behind the eye, and still more so by the white tipping of the four central tail-feathers. Ornithologists will view this character with astonishment, and inwardly ask, Is this particular mark given for a special purpose in connexion with the economy of the bird, or for the mere purpose of ornament? That ornament and variety is the sole object, I have myself but little doubt. Of this recently acquired form, the single species to which I have assigned the generic name of Urosticte is all that is known. Like so many others that have preceded it, this is an Andean species, its native country being Ecuador.

Generic characters.

Male.Bill much longer than the head, and straight; head round, the feathers not advancing on the bill; wings moderately long and rather pointed; tail slightly forked; tarsi clothed; hind toe shorter than the middle toe; throat luminous.



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