Oxide of Uranite Enlarge
June 1. 1805. Publiſhed by Ja.s Sowerby. London.
British Mineralogy
Uranium oxygenizatum

Oxide of Uranite

  • Class 3. Metals.
  • Order 1. Homogeneous.
  • Gen. 2. Uranium.
  • Spec. 1. Oxygenizatum.
  • Div. 1. Crystallized.
  • Gen. Char. Dark brownish gray, dull, soft, brittle. Spec. Grav. 6.44. Difficultly fusible, Soluble in nitric acid.
  • Spec. Char. Combined with a large portion of oxygen.
  • Syn.
    • Uranitic ochre. Kirw. 2. 303.
    • Grun Uranerz. Emmerl. 2. 584.
    • Urane oxidé. Haüy, 4. 283.
    • Uran mica. Jameson.
    • Uranglimmer. Werner.

This variety is of a yellower hue, and appears to be splitting and decomposing, as it seems to decay at the edges, becoming rounded as if worn by oxygenizement. The gangue is chiefly a black Oxide of Copper.

Its Spec. Grav. is 3.1212.

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