Sulphuret of Iron. Hair Pyrites Enlarge
Sept. 1. 1808. Publish’d by Ja.s Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Ferrum sulphureum

Sulphuret of Iron. Hair Pyrites

  • Div. 2. Imitative. Capillary.

When we find a curiosity from its rarity and peculiarity invaluable, we may with great satisfaction contemplate its nature from a figure and description, first as learning that such a thing exists, and next as such a representation approaches nearest to possessing an object which only one or two can actually possess.

The specimen here figured was gathered by W, E. Sheffield, Esq., in Wales, and therefore truly British. We are indebted to the generosity of that gentleman for the use of the very delicate specimen. The extreme tenuity of the fibres is only to be equalled by the spider’s attenuated thread. The Pyrites shoots so like a spider’s thread across the hollows in the Septarium, which is an argillaceous iron-stone related to tab. 61, that, as the specimen really had got some spider’s webs across it, they were difficult to be distinguished. The web, however, would not bear the gentle breath of wind without being put in motion; but had it been less carefully kept, the real webs might have been the strongest. Some of the threads are so thin, that it is difficult to see the golden hue of the Pyrites; a few are thicker, so as to show it tolerably distinctly.

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