Peroxide or Hydrate of Copper Enlarge
Feb. 1. 1809. Publish’d by Ja.s Sowerby London.
British Mineralogy
Cuprum hyperoxygenizatum

Peroxide or Hydrate of Copper

  • Div. 3. Amorphous.

As it is interesting to Geologists to sec what substances come together, I figure this variety of Copper Ore mingled with the black Oxide of Copper in the same bed or part of the vein. It is extremely curious to find it so clean and bright among the loosely crackings almost powdery Manganese which is so liable to soil any thing near it. Nature, here, however, shows us a striking example of the inseparable connexion between the particles of certain substances, so important to defend us from that chaos which might otherwise ensue.

This is a variety of the same Copper Ore as tabs. 279 and 280, containing much Silex, and, having most of the different appearances, as to colour, from nearly white to yellower and blueish green, probably depending on the quantity of water it holds. The dark green parts are Carbonate of Copper.

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