Stellated Sulphate of Strontia Enlarge
June 1. 1809. Published by J. Sowerby Mead Place.
British Mineralogy
Strontia sulphata

Stellated Sulphate of Strontia

  • Div. 2. Imitative.

This is rather a geological specimen, and may be useful as an example of the black rock of Bristol, with the hollow showing Carbonate of Lime, Fluate of Lime, and Sulphate of Strontian, and the rocky mass or gangue is in this instance of the same formation as that of Derbyshire, dark Limestone, and like that is a variety of Stinkstein holding entrochi, shells, &c., as the present specimen does: it is also analogous to that of Ireland. Having thought it more essential to figure the substances, that they may be known first, it may be presumed I need but in a few instances repeat them in the form of rocks, as the gangue in many instances, or the whole in some, form the rocks already, as the Micas and Feldspars in Granite; the Analcime, &c. in other rocks.

I was favoured with this specimen by Mr. Herbert, a very ingenious collector, of Bristol.

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