Chlorite Marle Enlarge
Aug. 1. 1809. Publish’d by J. Sowerby. London.
British Mineralogy

Chlorite Marle

When at Sidmouth I found on the shore, nearly under the marley rocks, a Limestone of some tons in weight, replete with shelly remains like this specimen, which is part of an English Boulder, This was in Mr, Day’s collection, and he used to admire it for its singularity. It is composed of Marie and Chlorite with the Carbonate of Lime shells; and the chain-shot appearance of the sections of the shells is always presented, let the stone be broken or cut on which side it may; which, in most other stones from Devonshire containing shells of a similar structure, seldom happens; for these generally break parallel with the sides of the shells showing their volution. The Marley Chlorite including the shells is rather the less compact, and takes a bad polish, as in the attempt it becomes rather browner. Upon being fresh broken, it presents a greenish tinge, which is, I presume, owing to the Chlorite.

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